One thought on “Splice Today review of DEAD STOCK

  1. Thank you for the copy of “Dead Stock” which I read this week. As a native New Yorker born & raised on Long Island, I hope you will find my comments helpful.
    Written in the first person (which allows one to get inside Bert’s head), it reads more like a movie script. (Mila Kunis would be perfect for Aria.) Descriptions of Nassau County need to be fleshed out (Mumfrey=Glen Cove?; Pondington=Lattington/Desoris Pond?)while the Steinway neighborhood of Astoria, Williamsburg & Brooklyn Heights were dead on. You accurately describe the feelings of young adults attempting to navigate relationships & their place inthe present closed door society while battling the debt culture we live in. Bert Shambles is the awkward young man we can identify with whose good intentions often have unfortunate results.
    This is a fun read; what some classify a “cozy” as you down play the violence & profanity, instead concentrating on the humor & human relations. Your eclectic cast of characters should allow you several more books in what I hope will become a series. It would be interesting to see where you take the various relationships.
    I will look for “Half Empty & Full of It”. Should it be helpful, I would be honored to review any future proofs to provide feedback.

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