Deadly Ink Conference

I’ll be appearing at Deadly Ink 2015 on Saturday, August 8th, as part of the “Pros Vs. Amateurs” panel. I’ll be talking about Bert Shambles and why I love the amateur sleuth genre so much.

The conference once again will be here:

Hyatt Regency New Brunswick
Two Albany Street
New Brunswick, NJ

I had a really nice time last year and am looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.

Quantity Is Quality


My first post for the Cozy Cat Chronicles.

Originally posted on The Cozy Cat Chronicles:

SIMENON, Georges, 1963,  Ecrivain (F)                                     © ERLING MANDELMANN © SIMENON, Georges, 1963, Ecrivain (F) © ERLING MANDELMANN ©

Recently I made the mistake of reading about Georges Simenon. He’s one of my favorite writers, but I didn’t know much about his life until recently. I’ve been in something of a funk ever since.

It’s always tricky reading about other writers; biographies leave so much out that we’re inevitably left with the romantic sheen that hides the unsavory parts of a person. Look behind the myths of Hemingway, Bukowski, Kerouac, Highsmith and others, and the romance quickly dissipates in a haze of alcoholism, pettiness, prejudice and violence. As I like to say, we writers are only semi-human, after all.

But I was talking about Simenon (wasn’t I?)—oh yes. Simenon had his faults too—for example he bragged that he had bedded 10,000 women, in addition to the 2 or 3 he married—but those flaws don’t concern me right now. What I’m…

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I’ll be at the Mystery Writers of America booth (#2657) all day tomorrow, Friday, May 29th, and signing from 1-1:30pm. Drop by and say hello!

“My Musing” —Dru on TIE DIED

This was a very good read that had me rooting for Bert Shambles in this entertaining whodunit.

Read the rest here.

A Day in the Life With Aria Tortura

Anthony Award-nominated Dru’s Book Musing has a guest post by Aria Tortura. Also a giveaway for a lucky commenter!


A Day in the Life with Aria Tortura

A look at Bert Shambles, from the woman who has to put up with him, over at Dru’s Book Musings.

Dru also had nice things to say about TIE DIED:

Poor Bert, he tries so hard. I like the author’s approach in the telling of this story and I can’t wait to see what befalls Bert in the next book in this terrific series.

Seth Kushner Fundraiser

My friend and collaborator Seth Kushner recently passed away after a heroic year-long battle with leukemia. His beautiful wife and son must now contend with the slow-moving grief of their loss coupled with the fast-moving realities of bills and expenses. In addition to contributing to the family’s GoFundMe campaign, I’ll be donating 100% of all net proceeds from direct book sales from now until the end of the year.

Please use the links below so I can accurately track the amount raised.

DEAD STOCK Fundraiser – $14.95 (+2.50 s/h)

TIE DIED Fundraiser – $14.95 (+2.50 s/h)

BUNDLE (Dead Stock and Tie Died) – $29.90 (+3.95 s/h) 

Goodreads Giveaway!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Tie Died by Tim Hall

Tie Died

by Tim Hall

Giveaway ends May 28, 2015.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to Win

TIE DIED Kindle Release Party – Today!

Today is the Kindle release date for TIE DIED, the second Bert Shambles adventure. To celebrate, I’m hosting an all-day Facebook event. TIE DIED is priced at only $3.99 so I hope you’ll consider getting a copy.

And if you want to get caught up on the Bert Shambles saga so far, you can always start with DEAD STOCK, the first book in the series, here.

If you prefer paper to pixels, there are also a limited number of Special Editions available, including the two books together for a special price.

TIE DIED Special Edition Now Available

The Special Edition of TIE DIED is now available! Each signed copy of the book comes with a signed, corrected manuscript page tipped in, as well as a glow in the dark guitar pick. Each order comes lovingly wrapped in groovy tie-dyed paper and hemp string. What else can I say except Far Freaking Out?! Click here for more info.



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