The Bert Shambles Mysteries

When reading Dead Stock, it’s difficult to determine what is bigger, Hall’s imagination, heart, or sense of humor. Shambles is an amazing character.

Splice Today (review)

ds_cover_v2bWhoever said that thing about how no man is an island probably doesn’t live on one.


Meet Bert Shambles, a perpetually confused young man whose life mirrors his surname. He’s stuck back in his suburban Long Island hometown, enduring a three-year suspended sentence for an act of chivalry gone terribly wrong. He works part-time at a church thrift shop and makes extra money by selling “dead stock”—vintage clothes that have never been worn—to a local boutique.

On a routine pick up for the thrift shop, Bert learns that the widow of a recently Tie_Dieddeceased pro golfer is offering a reward for the return of her dead husband’s favorite putter—and an even bigger reward for proof that her husband was murdered. Bert jumps at the chance, and soon finds himself being chased by a violent, van-driving maniac, romantically involved with a mobster’s daughter, and quite possibly being set up to take the fall by his probation officer and crazy ex-girlfriend. As the forces of good and evil close in around him, Bert must race to clear his name and discover the truth so he doesn’t wind up in prison…or worse.

Filled with twists, turns, and unforgettable characters, and propelled by a truly lovable hero and wicked sense of humor, Dead Stock heralds the arrival of a wonderful new mystery series.


While recovering from the injuries he sustained in his first adventure (Dead Stock), Bert is recognized at the local library by a beautiful, fun-loving hippie, who invites him to a music festival at a nearby park. While there, they witness the tragic electrocution of the lead singer. Was it an accident, or something more shocking? Before long, Bert finds himself embroiled in a deadly mess involving experimental drugs, valuable rock memorabilia, and a violent biker gang. But it’s not until his girlfriend returns unexpectedly from vacation and finds Bert in a compromising situation that his life feels truly in danger.

“Tie Died is a trip through murder, mayhem, and the music scene of the sixties, and Tim Hall’s writing is as addictive as a catchy guitar riff. An entertaining tale told with warmth and wit.”
—Diane Vallere, author of the Mad For Mod, Material Witness and Style & Error mystery series

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Tie Died (Amazon)(Deluxe Edition)(Tie Died Brochure-PDF)
Dead Stock (Amazon)(Deluxe Edition)(Dead Stock Brochure-PDF)

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